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When you collaborate with Write Nice you can expect:

  • Knowledge of SEO best practices to get your website found in organic searches.
  • Understanding of web content and social media marketing that translates into sound strategy and immediate implementation for your business.
  • Superior writing and editing skills that get your business results.
  • Expertise in website content, structure, and navigation.
  • Professionalism, integrity, and reliability: every project completed on time, every time.

Jennifer Nice, certified SEO copywriter and owner of Write NiceTake 5 with Jennifer Nice…

1.) I’m a lifelong writer (pounding out a 28 page mystery as a 3rd grader on our ancient typewriter is my earliest writing memory!) That means…communicating with the written word fires me up!

2.) I spent my first career as an educator, teaching and modeling writing. That means…I have the heart of a teacher and truly love coming alongside you, the business owner, to transform your marketing.

3.) I’m a listener. Listening to my kids pratter about their day, lending an ear to friends, and hearing people’s stories fuels me. That means….I’m passionate about listening to my client’s needs and joining forces with you to punch up your content marketing.

4.) I love learning. Since establishing Write Nice in 2011, I’ve immersed myself in learning all I can about online marketing; I’m a member of AWAI and a graduate of Successworks SEO Copywriting Certification Program.That means…I’m committed to racing on the cutting edge of this ever evolving landscape AND educating my clients how to best leverage content marketing.

5.) I thrive on change, travel, and new experiences. That means…I’m flexible and accommodating to your projects and you can rely on me to generate ideas. I draw inspiration from adventure, priming that creativity pump! Check out my travel blog here.